Artist: Gail Greene
Gail Greene
I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1952. As an only child, I spent my time drawing when playmates weren't around. I passed out my drawings to our neighbors. And one of those neighbors, Mrs. Foley, framed my drawing and hung it in her den. That wonderful memory still makes me smile.

After moving to Florida in 1960, I took art lessons from watercolorist, Inger Allen, who happened to live across the street from us. Mrs. Allen entered one of my paintings, a snow scene featuring an old red barn, in a local art show and my painting took second place. I wasn't the least bit upset about being second my ribbon was red, my favorite color.

My father, who painted as a hobby, introduced me to oil paints on my eleventh birthday. He surprised me with a small built-in wall easel right next to his larger one. Painting next to my dad was the best. It didn't matter that our studio was tucked neatly into the far end of the utility room.

In my late teens, I laid down my brushes and did not pick them up again until 1993. That's the year, while flipping through the TV channels, that I landed on PBS where a well-known artist was giving a lesson. I was fasinated by what he accomplished in such a short span of time. I thought I can do that. The very next day my husband, Charles, came home from work with an easel, a Bob Ross paint set, and a canvas. By 10:00 AM the next morning, I was set up directly in front of the TV and ready to paint. I quickly learned that Bob's technique was more difficult than it appeared. Once again, I put my brushes away. But I continued to watch Mr. Ross; his wet-on-wet painting style interested me. Three months later, I was back at my easel with more knowledge. And my brushes have not rested since that time.

Today, my paintings incorporate a blend of Tonalism, Realism, and/or Impressionism that reflect my mood and emotions. I gain my inspiration from nature. However, my work is never a duplicate of what I visually see, but rather an interpretation based on a sensation, idea, or impression of a particular location or photograph.

Gail Greene
I enjoy painting rural scenes -- nature that we have not yet destroyed. I want my work to convey a message of peace and harmony while containing energy and movement. I can't envision my life without painting. At my easel, I'm lost in the world on my canvas. It's exciting yet relaxing. And energizing but calming. Art provides me endless hours of pleasure and unlocks the doors to my imagination.

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